Students engaged in collaboration at CWRU have many opportunities to select activities to help meet the IPE objectives. Various activities are currently in the pilot stage of development. Standardized tools for learning and evaluation can determine the effectiveness of each activity.

Learning Tools

  • Systems (based) Hospital Improvement Plan (SHIP) Template. The template contains 3 reflection questions which asks students to choose one acutely ill patient from those they have presented to each other and preferably visited together. The questions direct them to examine the full-trajectory of care for the patient expressing a balanced perspective from both nursing and medicine. SHIP Template Student Learning Tool.
  • Student IP Team Contract Exemplar gives examples samples a variety of team interprofessional team practices. Two objectives of the contract areas follows: 1) to document how the team plans to develop competencies and activities associated with interprofessional practice (IP); 2) to assist the team in identifying and documenting IP learning outcomes. Student IP Team Contract Exemplar.
  • Student Team Contract Tool is the actual form for students to complete.
    Student Team Contract Tool.

Evaluation Tools

  • Student Interprofessional Collaborative Competencies Attainment Survey (ICCAS) Evaluation Tool is a standardized tool used as a qualitative measure of students attitudes about communication, collaboration, roles and responsibilities, collaborative family centered approach, conflict management resolution, and team functioning in the interprofessional learning experience. Student ICCAS Evaluation Tool
  • Student Qualitative Evaluation Tool (word) is a standardized qualitative evaluation that asks students to respond to three questions following each interprofessional experience. These same questions are included in each interprofessional activity. Student Qualitative Evaluation Tool (word).
  • Student Qualitative Evaluation Tool (pdf) This form is the same tool in a PDF format. Student Qualitative Evaluation Tool (pdf).
  • Student Readiness for Interprofessional Learning (RIPLS) Tool is a research study assessment of interprofessional teamwork in medical and nursing Students. The purpose of the tool is to determine determine if working in interprofessional teams is different from working in discipline-specific professional teams. Student Readiness for Interprofessional Learning (RIPLS) Tool.
  • W(e)Learn Interprofessional (IP) Program Assessment Student (WLI P) Evaluation Tool contains 30 survey questions that ask students to rate their interprofessional learning experience using a likert scale. Student WLI P Evaluation Tool.


Tools for students