Teaching Tools

  • The In-Patient Shared Learning Experience is designed to provide the opportunity for meaningful collaboration between medical students and nursing students in the acute inpatient setting that enhances learning and supports quality patient care. Student pairs keep notes on their shared interactions and complete the experience by submitting a SHIP (Systems-based Hospital Improvement Plan) template on one mutually agreed on patient and an individual reflection. SHIP (Systems-based Hospital Improvement Plan).

Evaluation Tools

  • Before each IPE4 activity facilitators representing the schools of Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry and Applied Social Science participate in a two-hour orientation session led together by leaders from all four schools. Facilitators have the opportunity to provide feedback to the leaders of the orientation session by completing the Faculty Orientation Feedback Evaluation Tool.
  • After each IPE4 activity, the facilitators representing all four schools have the opportunity to provide feedback to the leadership team about the activity by completing the IPE4 Faculty Evaluation Tool.
Tools for faculty