The Cleveland Metropolitan School District is fortunate in their efforts to educate children to join with many partners throughout the community. The primary goal of the Cleveland Metropolitan School District is to become a premier school district in the United States of America.

Care Alliance has been providing services to the homeless population since 1985, beginning as "Cleveland Health Care for the Homeless." Its success in serving patients since that time has been the result of our commitment to providing high-quality, respectful care in easily-accessible locations: Our staff is passionate about serving the indigent and our downtown clinic is located within walking distance from the largest homeless shelters in the city.

Additionally, outreach programming has played a key role in our success in serving this population. Through outreach, they are able to reach out to individuals experiencing homelessness, in partnership with local safety-net agencies, by providing care in locations where they are most comfortable: where they sleep or access services. Out outreach team works extensively to build trust with these individuals - sometimes for years - before linkage into care can be made.

The Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center is one of five facilities constituting the VA Healthcare System of Ohio. A full range of primary, secondary and tertiary care services are offered at the Cleveland VA Medical Center to an eligible Veteran population covering 24 counties in Northeast Ohio. Care is provided to more than 104,000 Veterans each year through an inpatient tertiary care facility (Wade Park), 13 Multi-Specialty Clinics, Vet Centers, and numerous community-based contract nursing homes.

The medical center actively supports affiliation agreements, intra-agency agreements, medical education and research, training programs and broad-based research initiatives. It is committed to delivering the highest quality and safest health care to our Nation's Veterans.

The Free Medical Clinic of Greater Cleveland is one of the oldest free clinics in the United States and the largest in Ohio. Established as a hotline in 1970 by a group of people concerned about the health and welfare of young adults, it quickly shifted to a clinic serving the health needs of the community. Since its founding, The Free Clinic has grown from a small clinic based in a rented house to one occupying a new 34,000 square feet building with 52 employees and over 500 active volunteers. The facility, located in University Circle, is equipped with 18 exam rooms, 5 dental chairs, 3 group therapy rooms, a modern laboratory, and an expanded pharmacy.

The mission of The Free Medical Clinic of Greater Cleveland ("The Free Clinic") is to provide quality health care and related services free of charge to those who lack appropriate alternatives, and to advocate for policy changes that make health care available to all.

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