In the Classroom

The overall purpose of these activities is to create meaningful experiences where students from different healthcare professions can come together to explore their own knowledge, skills and attitudes as well and an understanding of each other's profession.

In the Community

The primary objective is to develop collaboration between medical students and nursing students in the community setting that enhances learning of knowledge, skills, and attitudes in teamwork and collaboration and supports community-focused health promotion and disease prevention to address priority public health issues concerning environmental health, especially as it pertains to middle-school youth.

In the Hospital

The objectives for this experience are to improve the understanding of each profession's roles, share insights and perspectives on the full trajectory of care (admission through transition/discharge), and develop effective interprofessional collaborations in care. Medical and Nursing students will work in pairs to assess mutual patients; discuss the challenges in care coordination/delivery and interprofessional communication; and plan for discharge/transitional care.